Thursday, May 24, 2012

I really wish I were drawing again.  This campaign is more target-rich than the Monica Lewinsky scandal, for which I earned a place in "Best Editorial Cartoons of 1999." 

Our President is getting desperate.  Dogged by mounting failures that he can no longer effectively blame on Bush, Obama is looking tired and haggard.  And desperate.  Did I say desperate?

One need not be a "Birther" to see that this emporer has no clothes.  The multiple layers of sealed records relating to his past should long ago have been properly vetted and disclosed... yet the mainstream media has consistently, steadfastly refused as they had... and have... a vested interest in their "darling" to remain unsullied by the rigors of the kind of thorough investigation they have reserved for anyone running against him.  He is their "perfect President."  A Liberal.  And a Socialist.

Hardly a day goes by anymore that I don't stare in amazement at some new revelation (none by the mainstream media, in case you're wondering) that details another jaw-dropping failure or even borderline treasonous act on his part.

Let's see... the doctor who risked his life to help the U.S. capture Bin Laden has been left for dead by this administration... the doctor was recently arrested and tried for treason, found "guilty," and sentenced to 30 years in prison.  By those that we are repeatedly told are our "allies."  And our President does nothing.  Our Secretary of State does nothing.  There is no outrage, no sabre-rattling.  There is nothing but silence.  Our President is a coward.

We also learned recently that the White House approved the leakage of sensitive mission data on the Bin Laden rescue, placing SEAL team lives at risk, as well as the success of the mission... all so that Kathryn Bigelow could make a glorified campaign propaganda piece that deliberately highlights the "gutsy action" of the White House in ordering the raid on Bin Laden... set to be released (I know NONE of you will see the ulterior motive here), in November... right before the national election.  Apparently, Bin Laden (and SEAL Team 6) weren't as important to Obama as a glitsy 11th hour campaign tool.

This President refuses to put his hand over his heart before the flag, or when he does, places it on the other side of his body... that is when he's not agreeing with his wife, Michelle, when she whispers "All this for a damn flag!"  To which he responds, "I know, right?"

This President unabashedly embraces Socialism.  This president does not understand basic math or economics.  This President has no qualms about selling the entire country out to China.  This President will do, or say, anything to get re-elected.  This President sees nothing wrong with Communism.  This President is more than willing to sacrifice the future of our children... and our country... on the altar of his own political ambition.

Now, in order to straighten deck chairs on the Titanic, the President is supporting same-sex marriage.  Let's see how far he's willing to go, and how many of his own previously-stated principles he's willing to flip-flop on to gain the GLTB vote. 

I've never been more disgusted by a sitting President in all the years I've been following politics.  Even Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" doesn't come close to the massive failure that we've seen from Obama.

Enough is enough.