Saturday, August 9, 2014

The One-Sided Leftist Agenda

My, but it's tragic how ignorant the red-headed faux erudites who walk the not-so-hallowed halls of Utah's borderline institutions of higher education have become. 

Let's set the record straight, shall we?  It's not this simple.  I know, I know... the fact that reality is slightly (tremendously) different from the lockstep liberal leftist marching dirge may come as a shock, but them's the facts... and anyone who has any marginal knowledge of history should be hiding their ginger locks in abject shame at their ignorance of it.

During the Revolutionary War, the British derided the Americans for their "gorilla" tactics...hiding behind trees and all... instead of marching in straight lines in brightly colored uniforms.  They were out to fight like "gentlemen."  We were out to fight to win.

Enter the Vietnam War.  Too early for the faux erudite red-headed arrogant Socialists to remember... long before their time... but not before mine. 

The outcry from lefist Socialists in the 60's was tremendous, as the "armchair generals," groped for anything... everything... to advance their anti-American Socialist agenda.  Our troops returning home from Vietnam were vilified, spit on, attacked, and scorned as "baby killers."


Because the North Vietnamese changed the rules of the game.  Instead of having any sense of morality or decency, they strapped bombs to the tiny bodies of children, and sent them into crowds of innocent civilians and American and South Vietnamese military personnel.  It got so bad that our troops never knew who they could trust.. the Vietcong had succeeded in so blurring the line between civilian and enemy combatant that it became impossible to tell.  The danger was so real, and so consistent, that skittish troops because paranoid whenever a child ran towards them... and in some cases, took the child's life over concern that they may be carrying a bomb.

Now... anyone with even a high school education who has kept moderately up to date on current events should know that not only has extremist Islam done the same thing, they have turned it into an art form.  Instead of fairly considering the mountain of eye-witness reports from journalists who have no dog in this fight, live video feeds whose veracity and accuracy are indisputable, and admissions from present and former operatives in Hamas, and arriving at what most would consider a common-sense conclusion, the faux erudite leftists simply refuse to deal with those realities, or they do their usual... simply laughingly scoff at them and brush them aside with an arrogant sneer.  Truth simply doesn't fit into their Socialist narrative.   Therefore, it must be marginalized at all costs, and denied whereever possible.

Hamas uses children as human shields, while continuing to bomb Israel.  Hamas WANTS their civilians to be killed in the conflict, as 1) extremist Islamic ideology insists that all citizens are combatants... even children, 2) that all citizens are "expendable" in order to further the cause of Islamic conquest, and 3) civilian casualties are useful as PR tools to use against their enemies.   None of these facts are in question.  All are verified by mountains of incontrovertible evidence.  And yet... Leftist Anti-American Socialists ignore them... because they don't "fit" into their anti-Israel narrative.

I've always found it interesting how "selective" the outrage of the anti-Israel crowd is.  They seem to have no problem at all with Hamas putting their citizens in harms' way.  None at all.  We hear not a peep of righteous indignation for it, not one iota of outrage because of it, and not even one whisper of acknowledgement that that is really what is happening... regardless of how credible and overwhelming the evidence.  For some mysterious reason, their vitriol and condemnation is reserved ONLY for Israel... who did not start this conflict, and only seeks to defend itself. 

One must seriously wonder "Why?"  What is it about placing your children in harms way that is "noble" or "commendable"?  What is it about that brand of cowardice that Leftists find "righteous"?  Why the reluctance to apply the same standard equally to all sides?   It's very simple.  That doesn't advance their anti-American agenda.  Therefore, it must be marginalized, denied, and ignored.

Perhaps Leftists will be taken seriously one day when they actually learn how to pick up a history book, or read a newspaper, or actually study the events in motion around the world... instead of keeping their noses glued to exclusively leftist propaganda.  Perhaps, and I know this is crazy talk, the leftists would be taken more seriously if they actually used some intellectual honesty for once.  Just sayin'.