Sunday, January 19, 2014

For Whom the Blog Tolls

How much privacy can we expect when writing a personal blog?  And how much "blow-back" is appropriate when someone gets butt-hurt over a blog entry?

Personally, I find it more convenient than writing a journal.  It allows me to put my thoughts down in the blogosphere, and there is even a remote possibility that someone else might find some value in it.  Or give me valuable feedback that I hadn't thought about.  Or they might hate it, and tell me that I'm ugly and my mommy dresses me funny... but at least it might start a conversation.

I'm not writing it to a particular group of people.  I'm not trying to submit it to Time Magazine as a feature.  I very seldom even post a link to it from my FaceBook page.  To me, it is a "safe place" where I can vent about my feelings, my opinions, my thoughts... MY thoughts... without being judged or "weighed in the balance."  I'm very careful as I craft my blog entries, and I do not name names or get very specific.

So... when is it objectionable to the point of backlash when a blog post vents, but does not explicitly mention individuals by name?  One might venture, "Well, WE know because we're familiar with the situation you're describing."  But that may or may not be true.  I think the question probably should be "Would the average reader really know who this is?" followed very closely by "Why does it matter?" and finally by "What business is it of yours?  Really."

I'm feeling pretty violated right now.  To me, blogs ARE the equivalent of online journals, and are very personal.  Now I'm worried that everything that I write will be scrutinized by someone who has authority over me, and can punish me if they so choose simply because they disagree with my feelings or opinions... which I express in my own, private blog.

What's even more ironic?  The "feelings" I had been writing about had to do with feeling judged, rejected, socially isolated, and left out.


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