Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Real Meaning of "Justice"

Apparently, we've all been misled.

Apparently, justice doesn't truly exist if it doesn't automatically line itself up along racial lines, regardless of the facts.  In fact, it is literally impossible, I'm told, for a black man to be guilty when a white man is involved in any way.  It simply is.  The black man is "entitled" to do anything he wants, without consequence.  The black man cannot be blamed.  That is racist.  The white man is keeping the black man down.  To demand responsibility for the black man's behavior is bigotry and injustice.  The black man must be free to do whatever he chooses, hurt whomever he chooses, and commit whatever crimes he chooses, without consequence, to be truly "free."  He's "entitled."  And he must not be required to face the consequences of his actions. 

Black parents who raised a lawless thug with no respect for authority, no self control, and no respect for others are not to be blamed, either.  That would be racist.  They must not be held accountable.  It's the white man's fault.  After all, they lost their precious son at the hands of a white man.  Their precious, innocent son was unarmed.  What their son actually did doesn't matter.  Nothing matters but "justice" for their sainted son.  And nothing other than complete exoneration and vindication is "justice."  Their son did nothing wrong in robbing that store and attacking that officer.  He couldn't.  It would be "racist" to imply that he did.  He was simply a disenfranchised black youth... misguided, but simply not accountable for his actions.  He was a product of his environment, after all... an environment completely engineered and controlled by the white man to keep him down.  His own personal choices haven't mattered for... well... ever.

It is literally impossible, I'm told, that a white officer could act appropriately in defending himself against a huge black thug who viciously attacked him, trying to get his gun, and who then charged at him to attack him again, taunting him that he was "too much a coward to shoot."  Because the black thug, high on dope, twice the size of the officer, was "unarmed."  Because the white officer has the "propensity to be racist" built into his DNA.  And, of course, that is indisputable and beyond argument.  It simply "is."  Therefore the white officer is guilty and must be forced to pay for this "injustice," regardless of the facts.  Any other view is "racist."

This, folks, is the ridiculousness and absurdity that passes for "logic" in the Left.  This is the stupidity that has infected the brains of many in our society... the stupidity which tears apart the fabric of their own community, their own citizens, their own businesses and economy, their own world. 

This administration wants a race war.  Desperately.  It can't be seen instigating it itself so it works feverishly behind the scenes to make it happen... pitting blacks against whites.  Criminalizing and demonizing any whites who dare defend themselves as "racists."  Exonerating and releasing blacks from any accountability for their crimes.  Drawing battle lines.  Pouring gas on the flames of hatred and entitlement.  "Kill Whitey.  Kill the 1%," it whispers, "Here's a gun.... go get justice... we'll look the other way..."

Why?  Because a nation in violence and turmoil is a critical pretext to establishing absolute power and control over the populace at large.  It conveniently justifies blunt force trauma to the Constitution, to the last remaining tattered freedoms of our society.  It justifies a "heavy hand to restore order."  It justifies overreach.  It justifies brutality.  It justifies tyranny.  "Restoring order from civil unrest" is the Guy Fawkes mask the government wears to conceal it's real intentions and agenda. 

Of course, none of the violence is spontaneous.  Every step has been carefully and meticulously choreographed in hushed tones in back rooms and back alleys all over America.  The "response" must achieve the desired results if all is to move forward as planned.  The end justifies the means, after all. 

Of course the black man is nothing more than a pawn in a much larger game with much higher stakes than the fate of a 2-bit thug... and those that move him around the chess board of Ground Zero count on him being too stupid, too ignorant, and too self-absorbed and clueless to realize that he's being used and manipulated.  He's "oppressed," after all.  He's "entitled" to be angry.  He deserves to rage.  He's been "held back by Whitey."  He deserves to "get his."  The race baiters and back-room puppet masters smile.  "Who needs an actual army when you can mobilize an entire race to do your bidding with the right incendiary nudge?"

This is not a "slippery slope" we're going down.  We're already here.  It's happening right now.  And yet, all of us who are watching this play out, sitting impotently in the safety and comfort of our cozy little homes and the warmth of our local Starbucks, blink incredulously through the mental fog of passivity like dumb sheep in a paralyzing stupor, unable to comprehend the blaring klaxon and billboard-sized warnings being flashed across our communities in bright red neon.  We've been intoxicated and seduced by complacency and apathy.  Instead of alarm, we just shrug, try to ascertain which way the herd is moving, and then dutifully wander around looking for directions to the slaughterhouse.

Behold the new definition of "justice."  It is racist to challenge it.

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