Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pure, Unadulterated Outrage.

I'm so upset, that I actually started to get emotional when I was talking to a 7-11 clerk who had a copy of our local newspaper on the counter, with the front page story of additional details on Libya coming out.   I don't usually get emotional with 7-11 clerks, so this was a real departure for me.  :)

 The clerk, a 20-something young man, wondered aloud what the article was all about, and so I told him.
His eyes grew wide with disbelief.
I explained that our President had not only lied repeatedly about the cause of the attack on our consulate in Libya, and that he had ordered others to lie as well, hoping that the truth would never come out.   The truth was too damaging to the President's re-election campaign.

I explained to this young man that we know now that the President... OUR President... WATCHED in REAL TIME as our Embassador was murdered, raped, and dragged through the streets of Benghazi... and DID NOTHING through it all... even though our Quick Response troops were 45 minutes away... while our courageous people fought for their very lives against overwhelming odds for over 7 hours... and ultimately lost.

I explained to him that our President... our Commander in Chief... OUR President... then WENT TO BED, because he had a FUND-RAISER IN LAS VEGAS THE NEXT DAY. After doing nothing. After witnessing, in real time, our own people being murdered, raped, and dragged through the streets.   After witnessing this horrendous act, after witnessing these murders... he yawned and "turned in."

As I was explaining this all to him, the full weight of the horrendousness of this situation hit me with full force, and I had to blink back tears. This was OUR President. No matter what our political differences are, or were... this was OUR President.  A man who we TRUSTED first and foremost to put aside politics and do what's right for our country... to defend US... from all enemies foreign and domestic. To avenge our wrongs.  To seek justice for those who so brazenly attacked us.  And he did NOTHING. But lie, order others to lie, and try to cover his own ass for political gain.
I explained to him that the bigger scandal behind this was a massive gun-running operation, which was why Stevens was in Libya in the first place... OUR President was gun-running to an extent that FAR eclipsed "Fast & Furious."  Behind the backs of the American people.  And apparently has been doing it for some time.  Selling arms to Islamic radicals, ostensibly to arm Islamic radical extremeists in both Libya and Syria, who were supposedly fighting against Assad.  It is those arms, and those dangerous radicals, that came full circle to take the lives of our people in Benghazi.

I'm beyond outraged. This President is a traitor to the American people. He not only doesn't deserve re-election, he deserves to be impeached, and held criminally accountable for his cowardly and selfish actions... and inactions.
We can only hope that America shakes off the stupor of this election's petty "tit-for-tat" quibbling, and wake up to what is really happening within the walls of the Oval Office.

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