Friday, October 26, 2012

Trea-son [TREE-zuhn] (noun)

trea-son [tree-zuhn] (noun) A violation of allegiance to... one's state.  The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
Barack Hussain Obama committed such an act of treason against the citizens of the United States of America, and against the United States of America itself, on 11 Sept 2012.  Befitting every known applicable definition of the word, President Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of violating his allegiance to the United States of America, of betraying our trust and confidence, breaching our faith, and general treachery.  "Treachery" means, literally, "A violation of faith; (a) betrayal of trust; treason.  An act of perfidy, faithlessness, or treason."
Being informed 48-72 hours beforehand that serious attacks were planned on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Obama and his administration, for reasons that are not known at this time, refused to grant requests from his own Department of State to increase security at the consulate preparatory to these attacks.  This was not an oversight.  It was not a communique that "slipped through the cracks."  It was not "inadvertantly ignored."
It was flatly denied.  It was intentionally refused.  And no one is saying 'Why?"
Once the attacks began, the White House Situation Room was informed within 2 hours of the attack that it was a terrorist action, and shortly thereafter, the White House was informed who had claimed responsibility for it.  2 hours after the attacks began. 

And yet, for 14 days, President Barack Hussein Obama intentionally and deliberately lied to the American people, and compelled those who answered to him to lie as well, such as U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice (who reports only to the President of the United States).  President Obama himself lied repeatedly during a U.N. address about the attack, and on subsequent interviews.
In contrast to the White House, Libyan citizens without the benefit of high-tech, high-speed, high-security intel communiques, seemed to know within hours after the attack precisely who was responsible.   The enraged crowd (who loved Ambassador Stevens), marched en mass, unarmed, to the compound of the group that (unbeknownst to them) had claimed responsibility for the attack, and burned it to the ground.
Curiously, a Predator Drone had been ordered (by unknown authority) in advance of the attack to provide surveillance over the Benghazi Consulate, even though this was not a normal drone assignment for the area.  The drone was conveniently staged and deployed to provide real-time video of the unfolding events.  In advance. 
Reports that are breaking now indicate that Ambassador Stevens was in Libya at this time to facilitate a massive, secret, highly illegal gun-running operation intended to provide weapons to Islamic Radical Extremists in both Libya and Syria, who were reportedly fighting in opposition to the Assad regime.  This operation reportedly is roughly 100x larger than the "Fast & Furious" operation.  It is not known at this time if these weapons were used against the Consulate in the attack.  It is assumed that they were.
As the attack unfolded, it has been confirmed that President Barack Hussein Obama was, indeed, present at the White House and was aware of the unfolding attack.  Both audio and video of the attack were streamed into the Situation Room, in real-time.  It is assumed that President Obama and his advisors watched, in real-time, as the sovereign U.S. soil, the Consulate compound, was burned to the ground, and Ambassador Stevens and the other CIA personnel there were raped, murdered in cold blood, and their desecrated bodies were dragged through the streets of Benghazi.  The CIA agents held off the attackers in a bloody firefight that lasted over 7 hours, and in which over 80 insurgents were killed by 3 CIA operatives who were holed up in a "safe house," fighting for their lives.
President Barack Hussein Obama watched it all unfold in realtime. 
Life-saving help was available.  The murders were avoidable.  The "Cavalry" was only 45 minutes away.  A "Quick Response Team" of Rangers and Seals were based 45 minutes away across the Mediterranean in Sicily.  But they were not summoned.  Intentionally.  It would have only taken a phone call.  All the President of the United States would have had to say was "Get the QRT in there."  He didn't.  They were never called at any point during the 7-hour attack.
Instead, after watching American citizens be raped, murdered, and dragged through the streets, our consulate burned to the ground during an event that our government knew was going to happen, watching in realtime from a drone that was carefully placed to provide said realtime coverage in advance, and after refusing to send in reinforcements to possibly save their lives... the President went to bed.  He had a big day ahead.  Shortly thereafter, He flew off to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser.
At the memorial service, the President of the United States, after watching and witnessing first-hand the murder of American personnel... would not even look the father of one of the victims in the eye.  He looked past the father, mumbled a very insincere "sorry," and turned away.  He had other things to do.  Of course, Vice President Biden was in stellar form, striding up to the father and boisterously asking (with his trademark toothy smile), "How long as your son had balls the size of cue balls."
It is my belief that the President of the United States is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.  It is my belief that the murders of these particular individuals were deliberate as part of a cover-up of a Middle-East gun-running scheme that was on the verge of, or was in danger of, coming to public light during this crucial stage of the Presidential election.  If that had been allowed to happen, it would have meant that not only would the President not be re-elected, but he might have faced criminal charges as well.  As would many in his administration.
That Team Obama would resort to murder under the guize of a "terrorist attack" to cover up an illegal and politically damning operation such as this is entirely plausable.  As Team Obama has repeatedly stressed through the shrieking antics of Susan Wasserman-Schultz and others, lying and deception are acceptable strategies "if it gets the message out."  With ethics like this, it is not a stretch to expand that to more serious and sinister actions, if it protects the President.
Never in the history of this country have we faced a situation this evil and this treacherous.  This is treason.  It should be dealt with as such.
It is my belief that the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, has committed treason.


  1. Clear, precise, and truthful! Another Great post, Darryl! I agree with your assessment 100%.

  2. Darryl, in my mind what BHO has done is not all that different from what King David did to Uriah the Hittite so he could take Bathsheba as his wife. Excellent article!

  3. Most likely you are already aware of the Trilateral Committee, UK-Ultra, ACORN--patient lobbies to get a Marxist President into office and The Georgia Guidestone, plus Monsanto's cover-ups. The dirt is so thick in Washington, I'm hoping the storm makes it there and washes them clean. We the People are under a Marxist/Communist attack...from the inside! PRAYER and GOD and staying United will be the only things to save U.S.--and cleaning our Oval Office of these scoundrels. THE TRUTH WILL SAVE US!!!